Who we are on the farm.


Well, there’s Suzie who does all the planning and organization, and who works on the farm daily all year round (which includes doing all the paperwork – groan!).
Her Husband Antonio is the technical guy who follows detail by detail the olive oil production, the wine and the bees, plus efficient water use, plant biodiversity, soil management, woodland clearing…and general problem solving. Then there are the kids who help with harvesting the fruit trees, the vegetable patch, the grape harvest … and of course with the eating of everything. We have a lovely Lab called Luna, and a grumpy old cat Jojo plus a ruffian ginger called Ginger. And chickens.. they’re hilarious!

We’re a team, and we share what needs to be done. In farming it’s got to be done when it needs doing … no earlier, and no later! Right now!