Work on the Farm

Working the land has been a huge learning curve, and a lot of help brought us a long way.

We had no previous experience working the land, not even a family veg patch.  We jumped in at the deep end.  It’s been a huge learning curve (one that doesn’t ever finish), and we’ve made some mistakes along the way.  We’ve had a lot of local help, and in the last six years a wealth of  WWOOF (Willing workers on Organic Farms) volunteers, young willing people who have donated their energy and time and participated in preparing our first vineyard, olive planting, maintenance and harvesting, hoeing our vegetable patch, preparing our veg baskets … we wouldn’t be where we are without them.

Since we joined WWOOF we have hosted over 50 volunteers. It has been a very positive experience for us. We need help and we are happy to host you. In return we offer an unforgettable experience (at least this is what we have been told …). Our volunteers are part of the family. And we can cater for all dietary needs. This year (2017) in addition to caring for our 1,000 or so olive trees and the vineyard, we have some new projects. We have bees, we dry our herbs to make infusions, grow wheat, make tomato sauce.  We are busy designing and making an area for our visitors who only come on farmdays, and last but not least, growing our vegetables synergically using the model of permaculture: many good things to get your teeth into!

Check this video about WWOOFing at Suzie’s Yard.

wwoofer-Volunteer worker at Suzie's Yard