Real food connection

Adopt an olive tree –

Adopt an olive tree – another way to support our farm project is by adopting an olive tree. The tree will bear your name…

At Suzie’s Yard we offer people a connection between the food they eat, the land where it is grown and the real people who grow it.

We feel that this is being lost in food provision through big distribution to the detriment of both who grows the food and who eats it. Supermarkets are becoming landowners, big food producers are now big water sellers … it’s a changing scenario in which we think there is a part for small is beautiful, quality is important, the environment and people need to be respected, we all have an opinion, we need to be assertive.

Reconnecting with real food.

Our own experience and the group experience led us to believe that there are lots of people out there who want to reconnect with where their food comes from and who really grows it. And that’s where the idea of the From field-to-table Farm Eatery  and all the Farm Activities came from.

visit the beautiful area we live in, enjoy the Tuscan landscape, meet the real people behind the real food.

We basically farm. But we can take groups to visit the beautiful area we live in, explain the Tuscan landscape, meet the real people behind the real food made here at our Farm Eatery and of course you get to try our organic olive oil, our organic wine, the best cheese, the best ice-cream the best of everything that we have identified living here.

It’s a new kind of tourism; it’s real tourism. And because it’s small groups backing small farmers, it’s sustainable tourism.

As well as offering some of our produce for sale, and promoting groups activities, we also offer the opportunity to be an on going part of our farm by adopting one of our 650 baby trees. The tree will bear your name. You can watch it grow. You’ll receive newly pressed olive oil from our farm. You can come and visit us and meet the real people who look after your tree. I hope because we’ve had direct contact you’ll know that the olive oil you get from us is unadulterated Suzie’s Yard extra virgin olive oil. You’ll be happy. And you’ll have supported a small farmer who’s trying to do the right thing in the face of unpredictable weather, modernity and the big players.

Lastly I have to tell you that because we are passionate about what we do and what we do is diversified between the farm, the activity and the farm eatery – it’s all really good fun. We really do enjoy what we do!! And we think that’s make a difference.