D. Strathon
…Nicholas, Rosemary and I so enjoyed our holiday with you as our guide and friend. You were a star and we loved every minute of it – even the rain!! It was a very special holiday for visiting places we should never have found on our own…
A shrill cry is heard from across the steep olive grove: “LOOOADS OF OLIIIIVES!” Antonio, paraphrasing Harry Enfield’s ‘loadsa money’ sketch, is being drenched in a cascade of olives from the branches above him. It is hard, sometimes painful work, but he and his wife, Suzie, have been producing their extremely pure, high-quality organic olive oil for four years, and they are clearly passionate about their product at their farm, Suzie’s Yard. Later, at the house, the first pressing of this year’s oil is sampled. Its cloudy green appearance and zesty, powerful taste is met with surprise from those of us used to a clear yellow liquid that tastes of nearly nothing…
Amanda Show
I know its been hard work for your family but I have to say your farm was by far the best WWOOFing experience I had. I loved being a part of your family for a few weeks, helping out and learning so much about Italian life/culture/people. I look back at those days very fondly and recommend WWOOFing to many many people because of your farm and family. Thank you so much for working so hard to make sustainable organic farming a part of all of our lives. Now if I could just get some of that wonderful Suziesyard Olive oil in the states….. Love to you and your family!
Helen Bryant
Completely agree with Amanda Shaw it was a fantastic WWOOFing experience.