Olive oil 2014 harvest

New organic extra virgin olive oil 2014 at Suzie's Yard

It’s that time of year again. Every year, for the last 7 years, we have brought our new organic extra virgin olive oil to share with our loyal customer base in London.
This year we did all the work. We pruned our almost 1,000 trees; looked after the fields; cut the grass again and again, and then became increasingly despondent… We knew that the trees had suffered during the freezing winter of 2012. Then it had rained too much the whole year in 2013. And the winter of 2013 just wasn’t cold enough to kill off the bugs. What started out with a massive flowering in April due to the warm weather was a false hope. On came the blustery southerly winds blowing all the olives-to-be off their branches….
In three of our four olive groves we had no olives at all. The last grove Le Cretaie was partially “saved” by the way the field faces and the protection it receives from Mount Cetona, producing 10% of its normal amount of olives, with a low presence of olive fly. We didn’t know whether to even bother picking. But we did. In a day the olive harvest was over for another year. And what came off the press was good extra virgin olive oil, just not very much of it.
So what little we have we’ll be bringing to London next week. It’s in a limited edition gift box. The price reflects the fact that there’s very little new oil available on the market, and that we small farmers need your support even in the year’s when there’s next to no product … we invite you to treat yourselves. And think about adopting one of our trees. That could make the difference for Suzie’s Yard.


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