Why adopt an olive tree.

When you adopt an olive tree at Suzie’s Yard, you are supporting a small farm in Tuscany that is endeavouring to keep the making of top quality extra virgin olive oil alive and well.
The making of olive oil is a tradition dating back thousands of years in this area. But like in any other food production the making of good extra virgin olive oil requires attention to all the details of the production process.
We use our local press and our olives are pressed within maximum 24 hours of picking, so no mouldy olives after weeks of storage. We use low temperatures in the pressing process, no centrifuge and no filtering. And we can guarantee that nothing has been added!
To understand what differentiates our oil from the rest…Our olives are collected by hand using combs and nets to minimise damage during harvesting. We harvest early in the season reducing our yield but ensuring minimum acidity and therefore a higher quality product.
All of these factors result in a smaller quantity of olive oil for sale but also mean that it is a better quality product for you, the consumer.

MAKE THE DIFFERENCE. Adopt an olive tree at Suzie’s Yard in Tuscany.

If you are as passionate about extra virgin olive oil as we are, and you have heard about the recent years’ olive crisis, here is a way YOU can contribute, and benefit at the same time…!
By simply adopting one of our olive trees, you can help our small olive farm to carry on making great-tasting top-quality organic EVO oil.
There have been olive trees in Tuscany since Roman times, but current climatic instability, coupled with the costs of managing olive groves (pruning, clearing, harvesting, pressing, lab tests, storing, bottling, labelling, & last but not least, the costly certification process) without using chemical sprays, is beginning to make them unsustainable. Small olive farmers will never make it into industrial agriculture – they will just disappear.

How does adoption work?

product basket-2014You pay an annual fee, and literally put your name (or the name of the recipient of your gift tree), on one of our olive trees in Cetona, from which you will receive 1 litre of oil each year that you adopt. And if you visit Tuscany, you are of course very welcome to pass by and see how your olive tree is doing!
And by doing this, not only are you supporting small agriculture producing a top-quality and health-giving food product, but you also become the proud owner of your own olive tree in one of the most prestigious and beautiful (olive oil) areas of the world!
Think about it…you could make the difference!

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“Le Cretaie” olive grove has the perfect combination of cultivars, soil and micro-climate to produce some of the best extra virgin olive oil to be found anywhere in the world.

“Le Cretaie” olive grove ( 42°55’15.0″N 11°54’36.0″E) is south facing and protected from the harsh winds. It has the perfect combination of cultivars, soil and micro-climate to produce some of the best extra virgin olive oil to be found anywhere in the world.
You will choose the name  for the olive tree you adopt, you will receive 1 litre of our Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil (usually in November at new olive harvesting*) and an adoption certificate, doing so, you will support our organic farm.

Each year subscription cost is 60£ including shipping, for EU countries.

If you want to have the adoption box with the olive oil shipped to a non EU country, please contact us directly for specific pricing that will include duties and shipment.
You are very welcome to come and visit your tree and spend time in a place that has great food, fantastic wines, and many talented individuals; no noise, no traffic, where you can see the stars, where you can relax and dream; regenerate and move forward…

*subject to availability.